It is our mission at TutorTroops to ensure the success of each of our students. In seeking to provide the best academic support to each of our students, we understand that every student is unique with specific needs... Through our Tutor enlistment process and accompanying qualification tests we aim to provide the best-qualified tutors to meet your unique and individual requirements. We also encourage you to carefully review each Tutor Trooper’s profile and background to ensure that the Tutor Trooper is a good fit.

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Once you’ve chosen from the list of tutors in our database, go ahead and connect with the Tutor Trooper by sending a message describing your need. After the Tutor Trooper responds, you can coordinate sessions, timing, and the details.

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Tutor troops Cost $35 - $50 per hour on average

Each Tutor sets their own rate, which vary between $35-$50/hour based on the Tutor’s unique skills, experience, and demand. You can select the tutor that meets your budget and requirements during the matching process after you send your tutoring request.


$ 330

  • 6 Hours Of Tutoring
  • 10 % Service Fees
  • 4.3 % Tax
  • Unused Hours are Fully Refundable


$ 450

  • 9 Hours Of Tutoring
  • 10 % Service Fees
  • 4.3 % Tax
  • Unused Hours are Fully Refundable


$ 540

  • 12 Hours Of Tutoring
  • 10 % Service Fees
  • 4.3 % Tax
  • Unused Hours are Fully Refundable

Tutoring is purchased in the form of flexible 6 - 9 - 12 hour packages

Tutoring Package pricing is based upon the Tutor's hourly rate

No hidden registration of
termination fees


Our Tutors are experts in the following subjects:


100% tutor match satisfaction

Our Tutor Troopers are carefully vetted and must pass rigorous qualification exams in order to be deemed qualified to teach a subject. You can also check each Tutor Trooper’s reviews to ensure that you are choosing an experienced tutor known for delivering results.

Progress Reports

Our system puts You in control of your academic success. After each session, your Tutor Trooper will send you a personalized progress report so you can regularly track your progress and see areas that the Tutor Trooper has identified as needing improvement.

Your Preferred

Feel free to schedule sessions in any location of your liking! Our Tutor Troopers are highly accommodating and can meet you at a location of your choice - be it your home, a public library, or community center.

Affordable Pricing

Our Tutor Troops have set their own competitive pricing. Based off your budget, you choose the best fit for your tutoring needs.


Here are some testimonials from students who have previously or are currently using our system to find the best Tutors!

Tutor Troops has helped me and my family improve not only in school but also SAT prep. Their classes have helped me become a better writer and public speaker. They take their time making sure you understand the topic at hand and make you there #1 priority. Thanks for everything!

Working with this great company has made me a happier person. Great and understanding boss, flexible worktime, an opportunity to learn more during extensive research for the children to make learning an awesome experience.

Very professional and effective tutoring service! I'd definitely recommend Tutor Troops to students looking to improve in areas they can improve on

I thoroughly enjoyed working for Tutor Troops. The team works diligently to make sure a tutor receives students in their area of expertise as well as gives them the flexibility to choose their own working hours. I would definitely recommend working for Tutor Troops.

Tutor Troops is an exceptional tutoring company that goes above and beyond to meet the need and demands of each and every student. The multitude of services provided at Tutor Troops surpasses all other tutoring companies in the Washington D.C. metropolitan and surrounding areas. I highly recommend T Read More

I enjoyed the experience with Tutor Troops. Very professional and skilled staff.

I used Tutor Troops for Spanish tutoring and it was really helpful... I really appreciate everything my tutor Danny has done with me and will keep working with him until I graduate!

I was struggling in my Calculus class so I decided to hire a tutor. I came across Tutor Troops by reading their reviews on Yelp. I decided to give them a try. I was matched with a tutor within 2 days - after I signed up online I give them a call and their representative was really cordial and too Read More

Working at Tutor Troops was an amazing experience! They provided an extremely professional and welcoming environment, and the flexible hours were wonderful for anyone looking to pick up hours outside of a regular job or while enrolled in school. All of the students I worked with were eager to learn Read More

Top caliber of service and high quality tutors. I strongly recommend this company!!!

I have been working with the Tutor Troops team for the past few months and have thoroughly enjoyed my time working amongst such motivated leaders. The team is extremely dedicated to providing each student with a customized experience and truly works towards helping them accomplish their educational Read More

Iris did a FANTASTIC job tutoring me with biology. She deserves all the applauses she can possibly get. Thank you to Tutor troops and their wonderful tutors!!

Super hard working tutors and excellent service providers .

The Tutor Troops staff is dedicated to its students and to the process of preparing them for whatever academic trials they battle with. Additionally, because many of the tutors have attended college in the past ten years they understand the current school and college scene and what scores and grades Read More

Working at Tutor Troops has been one the best experiences of my life. Everyone is professional, easy to talk to, and willing to answer any questions or concerns I may have. I was given all the necessary information before each of my tutoring sessions. Tutor Troops goes as far as purchasing and sendi Read More

This is the best tutoring service hands down!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed working for Tutor Troops. The team works diligently to make sure a tutor receives students in their area of expertise as well as gives them the flexibility to choose their own working hours. I would definitely recommend working for Tutor Troops.

Amazing service! My children are in good hands. Thank you tutor troops

J is great. My daughter and her got alone from the very start. Now my baby is more confident in her reading. Thx tutor troops...

Tutor Troops did an amazing job preparing my son for his SAT testing.They were super helpful and my son was able to increase his score.They really go out of their way to make sure you understand the concepts behind each problem and how to figure out the right answer. My son's tutor not only had a gi Read More

Great service with very knowledgeable people on a variety of subjects

It's a pleasure working for Tutor Troops. I love the people, I love the atmosphere, and I love being here.

Great staff, really nice to work... Class A organization, highly recommended!

"The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for everyone"

I have had a great experience teaching as a tutor. The students were eager to learn and I was able to help them with their homework and projects.

TutorTroops has helped me through a lot. They are just not in the business of tutoring, but in the business of making the student a holistically better person. I, without a doubt, recommend them to others!