Our Mission

Our convenient platform and careful vetting process is built upon one central mission...to attract the best, most qualified, elite Tutor Troopers to provide our Students with effective tutoring that delivers real and lasting results. We know that today’s students face an increasingly competitive world, and without proper reinforcement, many students may get left behind. Even the most advanced students are finding it more and more difficult to stay above the competition and get into their dream colleges. Luckily, our Tutor Troopers also know that success in school is very achievable. With the right guidance and consistent mentoring, our Tutor Troopers work to provide our students the boost they need to succeed. The goal to provide real and lasting results, extends beyond merely helping students complete their homework or study for an exam. Rather, it involves a comprehensive process of understanding our students’ unique strengths and weaknesses, and working consistently to improve everything from their study habits to their organizational skills, as well as their self-confidence.

Our platform has facilitated the success of many multitudes students over the years. Countless students have transformed from being disinterested in their studies to being star students, and going on to pursue higher education after high school. This is why we provide our service - we find it immensely fulfilling and purposeful knowing that we are helping students unleash their limitless potential.

Our Story

Our unique and storied history began in 2014, when we found that there was a lack of a really convenient and properly vetted database of elite tutors to serve the D.C. metropolitan area community. As former students ourselves, we personally understood the frustration and overwhelming pressure upon students to achieve stellar grades and secure admission to increasingly competitive universities. We personally knew of many students in our community who did not know where to turn for a tutor who really would take the time to understand their unique learning style and help them craft a tailored plan for their academic success. We aimed to create a one-stop-shop, where students with any range of abilities and proficiency levels could come and find a tutor that fit them perfectly and give them the assurance their academic goals could be achieved.. We began by gathering together bright and motivated college graduates who shared our vision in wanting to help students succeed. We then developed our comprehensive vetting, hiring, and training system to ensure that every Tutor Troopers met our high standards. We also compiled worksheets and curricula based on State-approved standards, and made sure our tutors were thoroughly versed in the material, in accordance with the State standards.

Our tutoring sessions have always been several cuts above the rest - by targeting a student’s specific strengths and weaknesses, and regularly drilling concepts by completing worksheets and interactive learning, we delivered results, every time. Our students were thrilled! Not only did they completely understand concepts that had only recently been completely foreign to them, their confidence shot up immeasurably as well! By providing effective tutoring and consistently delivering results to thousands of students, we soon grew as a company. Even though our company had grown and seen success, we continued to innovate and improve our system. Now, after years of providing a Tutoring service where we did the matching ourselves, we have decided to put YOU in greater control, and have switched to a “choose your own tutor” model. In our new model, you simply choose your own Tutor based on what works best for you, while we continue to take care of the tough work of attracting and vetting the most elite tutors to ensure that we have the best Tutor database in the United States, and perhaps the World!


Our process starts with listening to you. You’re the one who knows your student best. We find out exactly what your goals are and that starts our search for the perfect tutor for your needs. Once we have the tutor we design a specific curriculum to attain your goals.

This isn’t cookie cutter tutoring. It isn’t about the subject. It’s about the individual who is trying to learn that subject and what they need to succeed.

The way we win is to work with you and your student from start to finish with a program designed to fit you needs.