The following sets forth the terms and conditions (“Terms of Use”) to govern your use of the Tutor Troops website (“Site”) and the services provided therein (“Service”). By using the Site, and/or our Service and/or signing up with us, you are confirming that you agree to these Terms of Use so please take the time to read and understand them.

General Terms.

The website (“Site”) and its tutoring, customized learning, and test preparation services (“Service”) are owned and operated by Tutor Troops, LLC (“Company”).

The terms “you,” “your” or “User(s)” refers to any individual accessing the Site or the Service for his/her own personal purposes, or on behalf of an entity or other person. In the event that you purport to be the agent of, represent, or otherwise act on behalf of an entity or any other person, references to “you,” “your” or “User(s)” shall include you individually and any such entity or person that you purport to represent, and you further represent and warrant that you are in fact an authorized representative of such entity or other person, that you have the authority to bind such entity or other person to these Terms of Use, and that your acceptance of these Terms of Use shall constitute acceptance on behalf of such entity or person.

The disclaimers, terms and conditions on these pages are of general application and may be supplemented by additional policies, procedures, disclaimers, guidelines, rules, terms or conditions of specific application disclosed by Company, including on any particular page of this Site or through the Service, or through a registration process or other means. In the event of a conflict between the Terms of Use and any additional policies, procedures, disclaimers, guidelines, rules, terms or conditions of specific application, the additional policies, procedures, disclaimers, guidelines, rules, terms or conditions of specific application shall control.

Company provides this Site to Users seeking tutoring services (“Students”) and to Users seeking to provide tutoring services (“Tutors”), and to any other entity on whose behalf Users accept these Terms. The term “you” or “You” or “User” or “Users” shall refer to Students, Tutors or any person or entity who views, uses, accesses, or browses any content on, and/or creates, uploads, posts, sends, receives or stores content to the Site. These Terms are entered into by and between the Company and you, and you accept them by: (a) accessing or viewing the content of the Site; (b) contracting for tutoring lessons through the Site; (c) registering as a tutor or providing tutoring lessons through the Site (d) using the Site in any other manner; and/or (e) acknowledging agreement with these Terms. Please be advised that if you do not agree to these terms, you may not access, view, or otherwise use the Site.

To the extent that anything in or associated with the Site is in conflict or inconsistent with these Terms, the Terms shall control. Any express waiver or failure to exercise promptly any right under the Terms will not create a continuing waiver or any expectation of non-enforcement. If any provision of the Terms is held invalid by any law or regulation of any government, or by any court or arbitrator, the parties agree that such provision will be replaced with a new provision that accomplishes the original business purpose, and the other provisions of the Terms will remain in full force and effect.

Privacy Policy.

Please refer to the Tutor Troops Privacy Policy at _________________ for information on Tutor Troops’ collection, usage, and disclosure of your information.


The Site offers a marketplace for those seeking tutoring services (“Students”) to connect with those offering tutoring services (“Tutors”). Each Tutor operating through our Site is an independent business and therefore responsible for and generally in control of the methods, materials, scheduling, frequency, duration and all other aspects of the tutoring they provide.

It is up to the Student to select the right tutor to fit their needs. In deciding upon a Tutor, Students should review and vet each tutor’s self-reported credentials, education, and experience, as well as reviews from other Students. IN THE CASE OF MINOR STUDENTS (under the age of 18), Tutor Troops STRONGLY ADVISES THAT ALL TUTORING SESSIONS SHOULD BE SUPERVISED BY A RESPONSIBLE ADULT.


Tutor Troops controls and operates the Site from various locations in the United States and makes no representation that this website is accessible in all locations. Tutor Troops’ Service may not be available in your location, and available services may vary among locations.


Tutor Troops will attempt to deliver all correspondence sent via the Site’s messaging system. Tutor Troops does not, however, guarantee delivery of all messages.

Academic Integrity.

Tutor Troops’ mission is to promote learning, not cheating. Tutor Troops’ Service is not to be used to inquire about, engage in, or provide any assistance to anyone with any form of academic dishonesty, including taking exams, completing assignments, writing papers or essays, or any other form of cheating, plagiarism, or the like.

User Responsibilities and Conduct.

All Users must: (a) be of legal age and have capacity to agree to these Terms on their own behalf or on behalf of a minor who will be receiving tutoring services; (b) reside within the United States, (c) provide accurate, current, and complete information about themselves as required during Site registration (“Registration Data”); (d) maintain the security of any password and identification information used to access the Site; (e) maintain and promptly update the Registration Data and any information you provide to Tutor Troops, keep it accurate, current and complete; and (f) accept all risks of unauthorized access to information and Registration Data. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE THE SITE OR ITS SERVICES IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 13.

You are entirely responsible for all content that you create, upload, post, send, receive or store through your use of the Site (“Content”). Users shall not create, upload, post, send, receive or store Content that: (a) is inaccurate, harmful, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, racist, violent, offensive, harassing, inconsistent with the Tutor Troops’ mission or otherwise objectionable to Tutor Troops or other Users; (b) includes unauthorized disclosure of personal information; (c) violates or infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights; or (d) contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment. Tutor Troops reserves the right to edit or remove Content that violates these Terms, that contains third-party commercial advertisements, or for any other reason it deems necessary.

Users must use the Site in a manner that is lawful, relevant and proper to the context of securing or providing tutoring services. Tutor Troops, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to suspend or terminate any User that violates these rules. Users may not:

  • Defame, abuse, harass in any form, harm, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (including without limitation rights of privacy and publicity) of others;
  • Create, upload, post, send, receive or store any false, misleading, profane, defamatory, infringing, hateful, distasteful, obscene or unlawful topic, name, information, materials or content;
  • Use the Site for any purpose that is in violation of local, state, national, or international law, including without limitation wage/hour and working condition laws and regulations;
  • Create an account or accounts on the Site for fraudulent purposes, or for the purpose of misusing the Site, including without limitation misappropriating the Site or any information on the Site for your own commercial or pecuniary gain.
  • Upload files that contain software or other content that violates the rights of any third party, including without limitation intellectual property rights or rights of privacy or publicity;
  • Upload files that contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, spiders, cancel bots, corrupted files, or any other similar software, malware or content that may damage, interfere with, disrupt, impair, disable or otherwise overburden the operation of any device, computer system or network;
  • Take any action that would undermine any aspect of the Site;
  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site, other User accounts, or other device, computer system or networks connected to the Site;
  • Advertise or offer to sell any goods or services for any commercial purpose on the Site that are not appropriate or relevant to the Site;
  • Impersonate another person or allow any other person or entity to impersonate you or use your credentials to access the Site;
  • Post the same content repeatedly or spam - spamming is strictly prohibited;
  • Download, copy or transmit any file posted by another User that you know, or reasonably should know, cannot be legally published through the Site;
  • Access, download, or copy any information, content and/or materials from the Site through artificial means (including without limitation spiders, scrapers, hacking devices, computer programs, bots, web spoofing, URL rewriting or other such means);
  • Reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, re-sell or exploit any information, materials or content on Site; or
  • Restrict or inhibit any other User from using and enjoying the Site.

All Users must meet the following eligibility criteria (“Eligibility Criteria”) throughout their usage of the Site: (a) compliance at all times with applicable laws and regulations; (b) you have the right, authority and capacity to enter into these Terms and to abide by all of terms and conditions in these Terms; (c) neither you, nor anyone in your home: (i) has been the subject of a complaint, restraining order or any other legal action involving violence, abuse, neglect, fraud, larceny, or any offense that involves endangering the safety of others; (ii) has been convicted of a crime of any nature, including any felony or misdemeanor of any kind, including without limitation any sexual, child abuse or domestic violence offenses; and/or (iii) has been and/or is currently required to register as a sex offender in any jurisdiction or with any government entity; and (d) neither you, nor anyone in your home, is currently out on bail or on your own recognizance pending trial, relating to any felony or misdemeanor charges of any kind, including without limitation sexual, child abuse or domestic violence offenses.

Tutor Troops, in its own discretion, may revise the Eligibility Criteria from time to time and require new criteria and certifications. Continued use of the Site constitutes agreement with and acceptance of any new Eligibility Criteria and Users shall be required to abide by and act in accordance to such revised Eligibility Criteria or otherwise discontinue using the Site.

Tutor Troops may, in its own discretion, verify the above representations and warranties. Such verification may include, without limitation, conducting criminal background checks, sex offender registry checks, motor vehicle records checks, identification verifications, credit checks and/or use of available public records. You consent to any collection, use or disclosure in order to accomplish such verification. Tutor Troops may take such action as it, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate, including without limitation suspending and/or terminating your use of the Services, should it determine that you have violated any representation or warranty. For more information related to our background check process, please review Tutor Troops’ background check policy.

However, the preceding paragraph notwithstanding, it is not the general practice of Tutor Troops to directly conduct background checks of any User. Tutor Troops neither confirms nor denies the validity of information provided by Users and Tutor Troops has no obligation to verify that any or all of the Eligibility Criteria are met by Users. Rather, Tutor Troops may in its discretion choose to enforce the Eligibility Criteria when it sees fit. Your are responsible for making their own decisions and assessments about persons to engage and that – IT IS YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO ORDER ANY AND ALL BACKGROUND AND REFERENCE CHECKS REGARDING OTHER USERS.


Limited Licensure and Usage Framework. Company hereby grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable license to access and use the Site solely for your own personal, non-commercial purposes, subject to your agreement to, compliance with and satisfaction of these Terms of Use. All rights not otherwise expressly granted by these Terms of Use are reserved by Company. If you do not comply with the Terms of Use at any time, Company reserves the right to revoke the aforementioned license(s), limit your access to the Site, or restrict your ability to post or download Content, which may include the ordering of any product and/or service. All materials contained in this Site or made available through the Service, are protected by United States and international trademark and copyright laws, are owned or controlled by Company (or its partners), and must only be used for certain approved purposes as established by Company. You may only view or download material from this Site for your own use or as otherwise expressly authorized by Company. You are solely responsible for providing, maintaining and ensuring the compatibility of all hardware, software, electrical and other physical requirements necessary for your access to and use of the Site or any part thereof.

Restriction on Use of Materials. IT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED TO REPRODUCE, DUPLICATE, DISTRIBUTE (including by way of email, facsimile or other electronic means), PUBLISH, MODIFY, COPY, OR TRANSMIT MATERIAL AVAILABLE ON OR THROUGH THIS SITE OR THE SERVICE without the prior written consent of Company or unless expressly permitted by Site. This includes, without limitation, any application, text, graphics, logos, photographs, audio or video material or stills from audiovisual material available on this Site by Company. The copying, posting, linking or other use of Content from this Site or the Service on any other web site or networked computer environment is similarly prohibited. Requests for permission to reproduce or distribute materials found on this Site or the Service can be made by contacting Company in writing at the address listed below. You are also strictly prohibited from creating works or materials that derive from or are based on the Content or other materials contained in this Site or the Service. This prohibition applies regardless of whether the derivative materials are sold, bartered or given away. You shall not copy, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, translate, modify, reproduce, republish, transmit, sell, offer for sale, disseminate or redistribute the Content, trademarks, service marks, logos or icons displayed on the Site or Service, which are the property of Company, or its affiliates or licensors, if any, unless otherwise specifically noted in these Terms of Use. Trademarks, service marks, logos and icons owned by third parties are the property of those respective third parties. Company and affiliates do not warrant or represent that your use of the Content will not infringe the rights of third parties.

If you do not adhere with the Terms of Use at any time, we reserve the right to terminate, limit, or otherwise alter your access to the Site or the Service. We may discontinue or alter any aspect of the Site or the Service, including, but not limited to, (i) restricting the time the Site or the Service is available, (ii) restricting the amount of use permitted, and (iii) restricting or terminating your right to use the Site or the Service, at our sole discretion and without prior notice or liability.